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North LeValley “Gives Back”


*North LeValley Gives Back*



        The students of North LeValley have chosen to give up a gift exchange between students this year to give back to their community.  SoZo sent in a postcard letting North LeValley know they are doing a “give back” drive to help the local community this holiday season.  “Giving Back” was seen as an opportunity to get the kids involved, allowing them to recognize the true meaning of Christmas.  We presented the idea to the student and allowed them to decide on a gift exchange or to help out the needy.  With a 100% agreement, North LeValley students chose to give back.

        The students are going to work together to gather items to donate. They can ask family, grandparents, friends and neighbors. We are working from now until December 16th to gather items, and then on December 17th the students will package the items, pack them into a vehicle and deliver them.  The students will experience the complete process from working together to gather items to the delivery.

        The items that can be donated include:

                *Toilet Paper







                *Baby Wipes

        This is a fun way for the students to get involved and realize the true meaning of Christmas.  Thank you for helping us!  Let’s make the “Giving Back” process a fun and meaningful experienceJ


North LeValley Students

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